Friday, March 4, 2022

Sana Garjankhol Waterfall on Mahadev Mundia Hills- Near Nagira Village - Palalahada Block - Anugul District

 Sana Garjankhol Waterfall:

Sana Garjankhol Waterfall

Sana Garjankhol Waterfall is a till now hidden waterfall, and we are 1st who bring this to online. This waterfall is only known to locals. On mahadev mundia hills a lot of waterfalls near by. Sana Garjankhol Waterfall also one of them.

 This waterfall is a twin waterfall. Left side waterfall is nearly 40 ft height and right side waterfall is 30 ft height. Both twin waterfalls looks very attractive and full season waterfall. To reach this waterfall you have to trek 1 hour. 

Sana Garjankhol Waterfall Left Side

How to Reach:
From Bonai Side, have to cross new built fuljhar ghati road , then on kusakala chowk, take right turn towards tilapasi chowk. On tilapasi chowk take right turn towards taramakanta. After 5 kms, baragoda village will come. then take road towards champajhar village. On champajhar chowk, take road towards nagira village. After nagira village, take left turn on a forest hill road. You will reach mahadev mundia hill . From their trekking will start. After 30-40 mins, you will reach botom, where on left side you can see garjankhol waterfall, but have to take right side on water ways. After 300 mtrs, you have to go down to see Sana Garjankhol Waterfall. .

Sana Garjankhol Waterfall Right Side