Sunday, August 8, 2021

Paraghaghi Waterfall - A Unknown Hidden Waterfall Deep Inside Forest Near Soleguda Village, Gurundia, Sundargarh, Odisha

Paraghaghi Waterfall:

This waterfall is still hidden and unknown to a lot of people. This waterfall is in soleguda village, nearly 28 kms from Gurundia in Sundargarh District.

paraghaghi waterfall

To reach this waterfall have to trek 2 kms on hill and forest area.
paraghaghi waterfall

Trekking takes almost 1.5 hours.

paraghaghi waterfall trek

This is a paradise for nature lovers, pristine pure form.

You can reach this waterfall from Rourkela and Kuchinda side.

For Rourkela: After crossing Panposh Bridge, Move towards Garjan village, then take right turn towards gurundia, before gurundia, take right turn in baneikela and move towards saplata village, after sapalata village have to cross 2 ghati, one is sapalata ghati, and other is soleguda ghati. Then you will reach soleguda village. From village a forest path road goes towards this waterfall. You have to take help of local village from soleguda. It is approximately 70 kms from Rourkela.

On this entire route no petrol pump or fooding facility. So all items have to carry with you.

From Kuchinda: have to take road towards bamra, after reaching keseibahal, take right turn towards Soleguda village. From Kuchinda it is nearly 30 kms.