Monday, January 27, 2020

Maa Pragala Pitha- Narasinghpur-Cuttack District- Odisha, A Picnic Place with Shakti Peeth

Maa Pragala Pitha: 

This temple is situated in village Jayapur in Narsinghpur Block, Cutttack District. This place is famous for the presiding deity of the place – Maa Pragala Pitha, the family Goddess of the ruling chief of Narasinghpur.  

The deity is worshipped in the form of a sword. It is also a picnic spot mainly in the winter season. According to legend Narsinghpur was founded in 1292 by a Rajput named Dharam Singh after defeating two powerful Khond chiefs named Narsingh and Poro, the state being named after the former. 

Legend states that Pragala, was the daughter of King Dharam Singh, who sacrificed her life to save the life of her father from the attack of the King of Angul. from 13th Century Maa Pragala worshipped here. It is 112kms from Bhubaneswar and 107 kms from Cuttack and 10 kms from Narsinghpur Town.