Saturday, September 14, 2019

Nirmaljhar, Khalikote, Ganjam, Odisha a 16th Century Tourist Place


NirmalJhar was constructed in year 1676 by King of Khalikote Aparajit Sri Balunkeswar Mardaraj. 

He is most popular king of Mardaraj Dynasty. 

This sacred spring of NirmalJhar originates from the foothill of Marua Mountain. 

Inside this temple complex, there are several other temple like Nilakantheswar, Goddess Bimala, Radhakrishna, Jagannath, Surya and Crocodile pond.  

You can also see Dashavatar of Lord Vishnu on wall on temple.

The name "Nirmaljhar" is derived from two Hindi/ Sanskrit words: "nirmal" means 'pure' and "jhar" represents "stream". 

Nirmaljhar is located around 17 KM from Rambha on the outskirts of the entrance to Khallikote town. 

Currently it promoted as a tourist site. 

The main attraction of the place is Two Kundas (Swimming pools) with pure and cold water. 

People are coming here to take a dip bath in it. People generally visit this place in summer.