Saturday, September 7, 2019

Maa Ugratara Temple, Bhusandpur, Khordha District, Odisha, India - A Famous Shakti Peeth and Picnic Place

Maa Ugratara Temple:

Maa Ugratara Temple is located near village Bhusandpur (largest village among Odisha), Khordha district, Odisha. 

Temple is located in between Rameswar Chowk and Chandpur(Tangi Block) in NH 5 and 55 km from Bhubaneswar towards Balugaon and 35 km from Balugaon towards Bhabanewar. 

It is beautiful natural location for picnic and also for movie shooting. 

Maa Ugratara is the deity of entire Tangi block.

Maa Ugratara, a form Shakti, was the guardian deity of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty. 

She was the main custodian of the fort Mulajhargarh near Bhusandpur. Now a days fort do not exist any more, later Goddess shifted to this new temple.

She is called Maa Ugratara due to her fierce disposition at the same time she adore’s her devotees.

The deity is a four armed idol, holding potent weapons in each hand. 

The temple one of the most revered religious seats of the state and Maa Ugratara is specially adored by the fishing community of the nearby villages. 

Its one of the few places in the state where meat is also served as offerings to the Goddess.