Monday, September 23, 2019

Bateshwar Beach and Bateshwar Temple, Kantiagada, Ganjam, Odisha a 8th Century Temple with Picnic Place

Bateshwar Temple and Sea Beach:

Bateshwar Temple is a 8th century temple belongs lord shiva. 

This temple situated at Kantiagarh, Ganjam 8kms distance from Bhubaneswar-Chennai National highway. 

Located on the shores of Bay of Bengal, the shrine attracts hundreds of visitors throughout the year. 

Spread over acres of land, it is the centre for religious integration. 

Beaches and casuarinas add to the beauty of the temple site’s landscape. After visiting the temple, tourists head to the beach to have some fun. 

Many people picnic in the casuarina forest during winter season. A lot of Devotees comes to this shrine in the holy month of Kartik. The Bateshwar Beach is still not crowded so much.