Monday, August 26, 2019

Maa Biraja Temple - Jajpur - Odisha - Shakti Peeth - Odisha Temple

Maa Biraja Temple:

Biraja Temple is one of the ancient Hindu temples located in the Jajpur district of Odisha, India. This present temple was built in 13th century. It is situated in the Jajpur town which is 125 KM from Bhubaneswar.

The main idol is Devi Durga who is worshiped by the name Biraja.The idol is having two hands, in one hand she pierces the chest of Mahishasura with a spear and in other hand she pulls the tail of the Mahishasura.

The Durga idol is standing on Lion in one leg and other leg is on Mahishasura chest.The Mahishasura is depicted as a Buffalo, not as regular human demon.The crown of Devi has symbol of Ganesha, Crescent moon and a Shivalinga.

The temple covers a large area, and it has several Shiva linga and other deities. Jajpur is also known as Biraja Kshetra or Biraja Peetha.According to Skanda Purana,utkala khanda it washes all rajo guna of pilgrims. So called as Biraja or Biraja kshetra.

The common languages spoken in the area are Odia, Hindi and English. It is one of 68 tirtha of Maa Durga. Though during the Mughal Afghan rule the Ĺšakti worship relating to Goddess Biraja faced the ups and downs, the tradition continues undeterred till today.

Nabhi Gaya is found here in the form of a well. Pitru Pooja (Pinda Dhaan, Tharpanam, Thithi) are performed here. The temple itself arranges the priests and the pooja items.