Saturday, March 25, 2017

Beaches in Balasore District of Odisha

Odisha has a huge coast line and there are some fine beaches in balasore district, they are.

Chandipur Beach: 

The calm Beach at Chandipur is surely one among many of the fine Beaches of the country. With the sea water receding approximately 5 kms during low tide and advancing to the shore during high tide everyday, the Chandipur Beach at Odisha (Orissa) offers a truly unique and captivating sight. Easily accessible via train, the Beach is merely 16 kms from the Balasore Town. Watching the sea vanish right in front of your eyes and then observing its return is a very rare site. And to add more to this hide and seek of water, the Casuarina trees and creeper sand dunes seem to be swaying on a melodious musical note. Chandipur Beach is one of Odisha's finest Beaches. The musical sway of the casuarinas trees and creepered white sand dunes add to its seductive beauty. The serene and peaceful landscape of Chandipur captivates the visitor.

Talasari Beach:

Talasari Beach is located in Balasore district of Orissa. The Beach is unique as the shore waters are not as turbulent as  other Beaches and are quite and calm and peaceful. The backwater is also a major attraction to the tourist. people need to cross the back water to reach the sea shore. You can also notice red crabs on the Beach.Talasari Beach is located in Balasore district of Orissa. The Beach is unique as the shore waters are not as turbulent as  other Beaches and are quite and calm and peaceful. Unknown to the world, this landscape of Beach is less exploited by the tourists. The calm waters flowing along this Beach are beautiful yet personified as a stranger to the world of tourists. One should ideally go just to watch the sun’s movements along the shadows of water. At a distance of only 3 Kms. from Chandanswar one can find the maiden sandy Beach at Talasari pleasantly surrounded by casuarina groves.One can observe  with surprise the glistening glory of the Beach at sun rise and sun set. A jeep drive along the Beach (8 Kms.) from Talasari to Digha (West Bengal) is a rewarding experience.

Kasaphal Beach:

This beautiful Beach situated in Balasore dist.,about 25 km from Balasore city ,a versatile place having beutiful lonely Beaches with a fishing jetty nearby naming the Bahabalpur port and beautiful kasurina plantation nearby. It is having a very good potential to develope a major tourist spot if modern facilities like Boating & inland water transport facilities would be developed by the local Govt. This marvel of Nature gives the bathers an unexpected pleasure of fearlessly walking into the sea and happily playing with the waves. When the waters disappear, you can even take walk into the see and play arround with the water springs. The beauty of the exposed bosom of the Beach is further enhanced by casuarina trees and the wave of the sand. The Delta of Dubdubi and Panchpal rivers make a fantastic fishing harbour. Boat riding with the fisherman in to the see makes unmemorable day in any ones mind.This is a good destination for picnic lovers.

Balaramgadi Beach & Fish Market:

Balaramgadi Beach is a fishing market and fishing community at the confluence of the Budhabalanga River just 2 kms. away from Chandipur. Every evening 100’s of Trawlers leave Balaramgadi for fishing and return back the next day with tons of fish. Golden sandy Beaches, turbulent water of the sea and the cool sea side breeze represent the exotic Beach of Balaramgadi. A natural health resort of the state, the fresh and pollution free air relieves the tourist from the stress and strains of daily mundane life. The sunrise and sunset on the Beach casts a magical spell on the tourists. A walk on the sand rejuvenates the visitors with renowned energy and vigor. The clean Beach offers the tourists with a unique scope to experience sunbath on the sandy Beaches of Balaramgadi. A swim in the tumultuous water of the sea fills the tourist with an utmost sense of excitement and thrill. For those who want to enjoy some kind of adventurous sports in their trip to Orissa, Balaramgadi presents them with a plethora of exciting sporting events. The boat rides on the River Budhabalanga refreshes the mind, body and soul of the tourists. Fishing is another prominent sport of the place that is practiced by the local citizens and the tourists as well.

Chaumukh and Dagara Beach:

Dagara and Chaumukha Beach are in Baliapal Block, Balasore broadly used to mention about the closer seaside and Beach. It is 64kms from Balasore Town. The Beach is not explored & remains as one of the virgin Beaches. The Beach is also special with the presence of red crabs, silvery sand, casuariana forest. Fishing by small Boats with the local fisher flock is very interesting.Its one of the best Beaches & calmness prevails with natural beauty embedded in it. The Beach is ideal for sea bath & surfing. The Beaches glow with the presence of group picnickers on new years and X-mass days every year.

Kharasahapur Beach:

Kharasahapur Beach is situated at a distance of 37 Kms from balasore town. Close to Sea Beach,   Mangala Temple is worth seeing. It is a Saktipitha . A tourist visiting the temple should not miss the chance  of  enjoying the blue view  of Bay of Bengal enriched with calm and serene atmosphere. Fishing Jetty located 1 Km. from the spot is further attraction to tourist. Fishing by small  boats and Motor launch with local fisher folk is very Interesting. It is one of the favorite picnic spots of the people of Balasore.