Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Satapada Dolphin Sight Seeing Points - Chilika - Puri - Odisha


Satapada means seven villages, so the name Satapada means a group of seven villages. Satapada is located at a distance of nearly 50 kilometres from Puri. 

 Satpada is located at the meeting point of Chilika Lake and Bay of Bengal. Satapada is located on the south-eastern part of the famous Chilika lagoon. 

 It is situated in Brahmagiri tehsil and located in Puri district of Odisha.It is a gateway to Chilika. The main attraction at Satapada is boating and dolphin watch. 

 Satapada also provide the opportunity for viewing a memorable sunrise and sunset as this is where the Chilika lagoon pours into the Bay of Bengal. 

 It is advisable to reach there in the morning so that you can spend much time with dolphins. The number of Irrawaddy dolphins at Satapada is estimated to be more than 100. 

 Irrawaddy dolphins have a large melon and a blunt, rounded head with an indistinct beak. The dorsal fin, located about two-thirds along the back, is short, blunt and triangular. 

 The flippers are long and broad. It is lightly coloured all over, but slightly white on the underside than the back. Adult weight exceeds 130kg and length is 2.3m at full maturity.

Dolphin Points: There are certain points/spots where dolphins are mostly spotted called dophin points and local boat drivers are well aware off about these areas. 

 You may spot a small group of dolphins moving on the water but it depends on the time of the day and noise level. 

 The critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins here in the satapada face noise pollution from mechanised boats. Tourists are also known to interfere in social activities of dolphins like mating, hunting and suckling. 

 The reproduction period of Irrawaddy dolphins starts from July to January. Please keep at a distance from them. All stake holders need to understand the responsibility to safeguard them. Please follow guidelines for tourists before hiring any boat.

Rajahansa Island: It is a small Island on Chilika at the mouth of the lagoon. This island is named after the famous bird ‘Rajahansa’. A 1 ½ hour boat journey across the Chilika lake from Satapada takes visitors to Rajahansa Island.

Sea Mouth Island: Satapada is also famous for Sea Mouth Island where Chilika lake meets the Bay of Bengal.

Dolphin Motor Boat Association, a cooperative of local boat owners, has set-price trips that include dolphin sightseeing, Nalabana Bird Sanctuary and Kalijai Island temple. 

 Note, there are two rival associations running under the same name; they run similar tours, but we feel the 1st point where tariffs are printed they are more trustworthy, other are more expensive

 Don’t forget to take water on your boat trip. You can only get drinking water in Rajhansa Island. The price chart for boat trip attached here is from November 2016.

If you only want to see Chilika Lake and Bay of Bengal meeting point, it is advisable to take ferry from Gabakund, Mirjapur or Sipakuda.