Saturday, January 28, 2017

Panchalingeshwar Shiva Temple - Nilagiri - Balasore - Baleswar - Odisha- A Famous Picnic Place

Panchalingeshwar Temple:

Five Shiva Lingas

 Panchalingeshwar Temple is located in Balasore district of Orissa. It is situated in a village named Kuldiha, which is surrounded by Nilagiri Mountain that falls under the Balasore district, in the coastal state of Odisha.

Entrance Gate
 The name of the temple is derived from the five Shivalingas that preside there. The visitors come to see this attractive place and a water stream, which is flowing over it. 

263 Stairs Case
 The temple is located on the top of the hills and 263 stairs are there to reach the temple. The hill ranges make an attraction to the visitors. Though the waterfalls wash the lingas and it is easier to touch them, but during monsoon these waterfalls flow in such a way that it becomes difficult to touch the linga. 

Perennial Stream Flowing
 Moreover, these lingas are difficult to locate. Besides this temple, a pond is located where many elephants come to drink water. The beautiful and colorful butterflies can also be seen. This is situated at a distance of 25 kilometers from the city of Balasore and only 8 Km from the Nilagiri town.  

Other Goddess
 There are regular transport facilities between Balasore and Baripada, and once you reach Balasore, you can hire a vehicle to reach Panchalingeswar. The story says that all these Shivalingas are created or enshrined by Maa Sita, the wife of Lord Ram; during their exile of fourteen years in the jungles. 

Que in Panchalingeswar
 All the Shivalingas are under water where perennial stream washes all the lingas. It is not very easy to touch the lingas and for that a person has to lie on his chest over the rock just parallel to the stream. He has to feel when he touches the Shivalingas.

People Trying to Touch The Shiva Lingas Under Water
 According to the other story, King Banasura who is known as a powerful Demon and a great devotee of Lord Shiva worshiped the lingas by installing them. The five lingas are enshrined and add an attraction to the place.
People Trying to Touch The Shiva Lingas Under Water
 This place is famous primarily for the Panch Lingeshwar temple where five Shivalingas are enshrined and people come to visit from the nearby cities. The religious value of this place is exponentially much more than any other place, which is nearby. 

Que in Panchalingeswar
 Panchalingeshwar is a nice place with five lingas, where beautiful streams wash the lingas naturally. The area is surrounded by beautiful Nilagiri Mountain that makes the place more attractive; people with an interest in historical monuments must visit this place with ample amount of time. 

Water flowing in Fiva Shiva Lingas
 This is a place of choice of nature lovers and deep thinkers.