Thursday, January 5, 2017

Maa Dakshina Kaali Temple - Nayagarh Town - Odisha

Maa Dakshina Kaali Temple:

Maa Dakshina Kaali Temple is one of the most famous temple in Nayagarh District. People of Nayagarh enjoy their life with the grace of Maa Dakshinakali. The temple premises encompass Maa Dakshinakaali temple, Ganesh temple, Siva temple and maa Lakshmi temple. 

 When ever someone buys a new vehicle, they always go to the temple to worship the goddess to safeguard them. Famous Nayagarh Chhena poda sweets people can buy here. The most famous prasad of temple are Kakara Pitha  and Second is Sarapuly, made of milk.