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Khirachora Gopinatha Temple - Remuna - Balasore - Baleswar - Orissa - Odisha

Khirachora Gopinatha Temple:

Khirachora Gopinath Temple
The Khirachora Gopinatha Temple is situated in Remuna. It is a little town located 9kms east of Balasore. This place shelters five places of consecration, viz, Shri Khirochora Gopinath Temple, Shri Ramchandi Temple, Shri Madhabendra Puri Matha, Saptasara River, and Gadagadeswara Mahadeva Temple. Out of these five emblems of religious fervor, Shri Gopinath Temple is the one which has gained global popularity because of the story that underlines its existence in the tiny town of Remuna. 

Khirachora Gopinath Idol
The legend behind the origin of Lord Gopinath lays down that, in the Tretaya Yug, Shri Ramachandra had been in exile along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. When, Shri Rama was in Dandakaranya, one day on watching a cowman tending to his cows, he smiled a bit. Sita, on seeing her husband smile, inquisitively asked the reason behind that smile. Rama predicted that in the Dwapar Yug, he will take birth as Lord Krishna and would in the same way tend to the cows at the banks of river Yamuna. On listening to this prediction, Sita insisted Rama to show her an image of Lord Krishna. Lord Rama on the request of goddess Sita engraved an image of Shri Krishna on a black granite stone lying over there. As soon as goddess Sita laid her hands on the image, it came into life. 

Main Temple
With the passage of time, this engraved stone was found by King Langula Narasimha Deva and installed it in Remuna. This king also arranged to have dug the two bigthanks, 'Brajapokhari' and 'Kutapokhari'. From that day onwards that image was worshipped as Lord Gopinath. Another legend lays down the story that Remuna got its name from the fact that it was Ramanya or a very beautiful landscape. 

Main Temple of Gopinath
It was such a beautiful place that, Lord Gopinath instructed the King Langula Narasimha Deva in a dream that he wanted to get worshipped in that place. The King obeyed the instructions and constructed a temple on the very place and named it Shri Gopinath Temple. In the course of time, Shri Chaitanya’s guru Ishwarpuri and Ishwarpuri’s guru Shri Madhavendrapuri came to Remuna and ultimately the image that was established in the temple was christened Sri Gopinath. Thus this place gained immense popularity in the whole of India. 

Khira Bhoga
The full name of Gopinath Temple is Khirachora Gopinath temple. Khirachora means one who stole the milk bhog (ambrosia). Every aspect of the temple has a story attached to it. In the same manner this name also has an interesting story behind the christening of the temple. It is believed that Shri Madhavendrapuri, one of the devout devotees of Lord Gopinath had once visited this temple. After completing his prayer, he wanted to have the Khiro bhog (the milk ambrosia) but as was his want, he never begged for food. With a heavy heart, he went to the nearby Ramachandi temple and started singing hymns in praise of Lord Gopinath. It is a daily ritual in the temple that every day twelve pots of Khira bhog are offered to the God. On that very day when those twelve pots of offerings were offered to the Lord, the priests found it to their utter surprise that one pot of the milk bhog was missing. 

Entrance to Temple
The priests desperately searched for the missing pot, as it was regarded a bad omen if God’s offerings are stolen. To their disappointment, they found nothing. That very night, the Lord appeared in a dream of the chief priest of the temple and laid bare the whole secret behind the mystery of the stolen milk pot. He said that it was none other than he who had stolen the milk pot and hidden it inside the cloth that his idol is wearing. He further instructed the priest to immediately go and offer the pot of bhog to his favorite devotee, Shri Madhavendrapuri. 

Entrance to Temple
The priest at once woke up and went to the main chamber where the idols were there and to his surprise found a pot of bhog. He took it and immediately offered it to Shri Madhavendrapuri, who was quietly sleeping under a tree in front of the Ramachandi temple. 

Samadhi Temple of Rasikananda
This incident rapidly spread far and wide, thus bringing huge number of devotees to the place and worldwide popularity to the place. It is a crime to steal, but the God himself committed this crime for the love of his disciple. It is a rare instance of God serving his devotee. This temple exemplifies God’s unflinching and true love for his ardent believer. A visit to this holy place is, thus, a must for every believer of Shri Gopinath.

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Panchalingeshwar Shiva Temple - Nilagiri - Balasore - Baleswar - Odisha- A Famous Picnic Place

Panchalingeshwar Temple:

Five Shiva Lingas

 Panchalingeshwar Temple is located in Balasore district of Orissa. It is situated in a village named Kuldiha, which is surrounded by Nilagiri Mountain that falls under the Balasore district, in the coastal state of Odisha.

Entrance Gate
 The name of the temple is derived from the five Shivalingas that preside there. The visitors come to see this attractive place and a water stream, which is flowing over it. 

263 Stairs Case
 The temple is located on the top of the hills and 263 stairs are there to reach the temple. The hill ranges make an attraction to the visitors. Though the waterfalls wash the lingas and it is easier to touch them, but during monsoon these waterfalls flow in such a way that it becomes difficult to touch the linga. 

Perennial Stream Flowing
 Moreover, these lingas are difficult to locate. Besides this temple, a pond is located where many elephants come to drink water. The beautiful and colorful butterflies can also be seen. This is situated at a distance of 25 kilometers from the city of Balasore and only 8 Km from the Nilagiri town.  

Other Goddess
 There are regular transport facilities between Balasore and Baripada, and once you reach Balasore, you can hire a vehicle to reach Panchalingeswar. The story says that all these Shivalingas are created or enshrined by Maa Sita, the wife of Lord Ram; during their exile of fourteen years in the jungles. 

Que in Panchalingeswar
 All the Shivalingas are under water where perennial stream washes all the lingas. It is not very easy to touch the lingas and for that a person has to lie on his chest over the rock just parallel to the stream. He has to feel when he touches the Shivalingas.

People Trying to Touch The Shiva Lingas Under Water
 According to the other story, King Banasura who is known as a powerful Demon and a great devotee of Lord Shiva worshiped the lingas by installing them. The five lingas are enshrined and add an attraction to the place.
People Trying to Touch The Shiva Lingas Under Water
 This place is famous primarily for the Panch Lingeshwar temple where five Shivalingas are enshrined and people come to visit from the nearby cities. The religious value of this place is exponentially much more than any other place, which is nearby. 

Que in Panchalingeswar
 Panchalingeshwar is a nice place with five lingas, where beautiful streams wash the lingas naturally. The area is surrounded by beautiful Nilagiri Mountain that makes the place more attractive; people with an interest in historical monuments must visit this place with ample amount of time. 

Water flowing in Fiva Shiva Lingas
 This is a place of choice of nature lovers and deep thinkers.

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Bhima Kunda Waterfall or Bhimkund Waterfall - Keonjhar - Kendujhar - Mayurbhanj - Thakurmunda - Odisha-Famous Picnic Place

Bhima Kunda Waterfall or Bhimkund Waterfall:

 Bhimkund or Bhima Kunda is a beautiful natural waterfall on the River Baitarani. It is located exactly on the boundary line between the districts Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj, at a distance of about 100 km from Keonjhar and 40km from Karanjia. 

This waterfall is two storeyed which resulted into the formation of two waterfalls one above another. It is being told that, Bhima, the second Pandava had taken bath in this waterfall and hence it was named after him. 

During Makar Sankranti Festival in the month of January thousands of people gather here to take their holy dip. 

The water of this waterfall is fully transparent and looks blue in color. The waterfall is believed to have measureless depth.The place is ideal for picnickers. 

To reach Bhimkund take the road from Baripada to karanjia and from Karanjia take the road to Bajna village. On both side on waterfall, one shiva temple and other ambica temple present.

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Maa Dakshina Kaali Temple - Nayagarh Town - Odisha

Maa Dakshina Kaali Temple:

Maa Dakshina Kaali Temple is one of the most famous temple in Nayagarh District. People of Nayagarh enjoy their life with the grace of Maa Dakshinakali. The temple premises encompass Maa Dakshinakaali temple, Ganesh temple, Siva temple and maa Lakshmi temple. 

 When ever someone buys a new vehicle, they always go to the temple to worship the goddess to safeguard them. Famous Nayagarh Chhena poda sweets people can buy here. The most famous prasad of temple are Kakara Pitha  and Second is Sarapuly, made of milk.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Raghunath Jew Temple - Odagaon - Nayagarh - Odisha

Raghunath Jew Temple:

Odagaon is famous for the Temple of Lord Raghunathjew. It is one of the famous Temples in Odisha dedicated to Lord Ramachandra. Ramanavami is the most important festival celebrated here. Odagaon is 26 kms away from Nayagrah (town). It is said that the renowned poet of Odisha Upendra Bhanja mediated here and attained perfection in the Rama Taraka Mantra. This temple was built around 1903. The ‘Kalas” of the Temple was made of gold. There is a small museum inside the temple premises. 

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Satapada Dolphin Sight Seeing Points - Chilika - Puri - Odisha


Satapada means seven villages, so the name Satapada means a group of seven villages. Satapada is located at a distance of nearly 50 kilometres from Puri. 

 Satpada is located at the meeting point of Chilika Lake and Bay of Bengal. Satapada is located on the south-eastern part of the famous Chilika lagoon. 

 It is situated in Brahmagiri tehsil and located in Puri district of Odisha.It is a gateway to Chilika. The main attraction at Satapada is boating and dolphin watch. 

 Satapada also provide the opportunity for viewing a memorable sunrise and sunset as this is where the Chilika lagoon pours into the Bay of Bengal. 

 It is advisable to reach there in the morning so that you can spend much time with dolphins. The number of Irrawaddy dolphins at Satapada is estimated to be more than 100. 

 Irrawaddy dolphins have a large melon and a blunt, rounded head with an indistinct beak. The dorsal fin, located about two-thirds along the back, is short, blunt and triangular. 

 The flippers are long and broad. It is lightly coloured all over, but slightly white on the underside than the back. Adult weight exceeds 130kg and length is 2.3m at full maturity.

Dolphin Points: There are certain points/spots where dolphins are mostly spotted called dophin points and local boat drivers are well aware off about these areas. 

 You may spot a small group of dolphins moving on the water but it depends on the time of the day and noise level. 

 The critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins here in the satapada face noise pollution from mechanised boats. Tourists are also known to interfere in social activities of dolphins like mating, hunting and suckling. 

 The reproduction period of Irrawaddy dolphins starts from July to January. Please keep at a distance from them. All stake holders need to understand the responsibility to safeguard them. Please follow guidelines for tourists before hiring any boat.

Rajahansa Island: It is a small Island on Chilika at the mouth of the lagoon. This island is named after the famous bird ‘Rajahansa’. A 1 ½ hour boat journey across the Chilika lake from Satapada takes visitors to Rajahansa Island.

Sea Mouth Island: Satapada is also famous for Sea Mouth Island where Chilika lake meets the Bay of Bengal.

Dolphin Motor Boat Association, a cooperative of local boat owners, has set-price trips that include dolphin sightseeing, Nalabana Bird Sanctuary and Kalijai Island temple. 

 Note, there are two rival associations running under the same name; they run similar tours, but we feel the 1st point where tariffs are printed they are more trustworthy, other are more expensive

 Don’t forget to take water on your boat trip. You can only get drinking water in Rajhansa Island. The price chart for boat trip attached here is from November 2016.

If you only want to see Chilika Lake and Bay of Bengal meeting point, it is advisable to take ferry from Gabakund, Mirjapur or Sipakuda.