Friday, October 14, 2016

Subarnameru Shiva Temple - Suvarnameru Shiva Temple - Sonepur - Subarnapur - Odisha

Subarnameru Shiva Temple or Suvarnameru Shiva Temple:

It is a holy place for the loving of Shiva. Well known story of Gold coin Rain is connected with this Place. The temple of Suvarnameru or Subarnameru is said to be originally built by a trader named Neulisa. It is said, the lingam of Suvarnameru Siva was located on the right bank of river Tel in a village called Suvarnapali. Neulisa, who was once going on trade with a bullock cart halted near the village Suvarnapali for sometime.

There he put some merchandise bags and in order to sew them properly he wanted to sharpen his needle. He however rubbed the needle unknowingly on the smooth surface of the Swayambhu lingam, which was there. To his great astonishment he found the iron needle changed into a gold one. He at once realized that the smooth piece of stone was nothing but a miraculous one, which could convert iron in to gold. He then brought all the pieces of iron, which were with him and converted them into gold simply by touching the lingam.

The trader tried to take away the lingam with him. He however could not dig it out of the earth. At that very night he was directed by Lord Suvarnameru in a dream to built for him a temple on the left bank of the river Tel. The trader built the temple and found that the lingam appeared inside it. It is also said that on the occasion of the arrival of Suvarnameru Siva there was a shower of gold pieces for 36 hours. Accoring to some historian this temple was built by the Somavamsis. But few others have opinion that king Madan Gopal Deo, the founder of the Chauhan dynasty of Subarnapur had built it. Goddess Parvati is worshipped here as Shakti. Major festivals are Shivaratri, Shravan Month and Kartik Purnima.