Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ranipur Jharial - 64 Yogini Temple - Soma Tirtha - Indralath Brick Temple - Balangir - Odisha

Ranipur Jharial:

Ranipur Jharial is known as "Soma Tirtha" in scriptures. It combines a section of religious faiths like Shaivism, Buddhism, Vaisnavism and Tantrism.

The circular open vault enclosure of  64 (sixty-four) yoginis, the major attraction of the place, is one of the seven such shrines in India.

The temple of Someswar Siva is the noted one among a plethora of about 50 temples here.

The majestic brick temple of Indralath is said to be the highest brick temple of Odisha.

It is one of the tallest brick temples of ancient India and one of the most remarkable Odisha temples.

Located in the verdant environs of the Titilagarh sub-division in Balangir district, the twin villages of Ranipur-Jharial bear strong traces of their ancient heritage.

The archaeological site dates back to the 9th/10th century AD, pertaining to the reign of Somavanshi keshari kings.

The Hypethral temple which is one of the seven remaining rare monuments of 64 Yogini shrines provides a glimpse into the religious sand occult practices from the medieval times that are still alive in Odisha's tribal traditions and folklore.

The temple houses sandstone images of the three-faced Shiva embracing Parvati, standing at the canter of the temple encircled by 64 images of the Yogini goddesses in various positions.

It is one of the seven famous Yogini temples in India. Chausathi (64) Yogini Temple Ranipur Jharial is the second yogini temple in Odisha after Hirapur, Bhubaneswar.

At present the archaeological complex is found spread on a vast flat rocky surface.

The one near Ranipur may be called Ranipur complex and the other one near village Jharial may be called the Jharial temple complex.

The rock surface seems to have been exposed fully by erosion in remote antiquity. Taking advantage of the sedimentary rock deposit, the builders of the monuments, probably have removed the stone pieces layer wise to use in the monuments.

In the south-west, there is the famous Someswar Sagar locally called Jogibandh and in the north-east, we see a deep nala.

Temples of varied dimension, deserted and forlorn, stand in isolated splendour on the rocky outcrop, giving an impression of divine solemnity.

The twin villages of Ranipur – Jharial are a must visit on your tour to Balangir for the temples that are of historical and archeological significance.

What to See in Ranipur Jharial?

1) 50-60 Small Shiva temples on a rock plane.
2) Someswar Shiva Temple (Famous Soma Tirtha)
3) 64 Yogini Temple
4) Indralath Brick Temple


Here also boating facility available in near by lake. In Shivaratri and Shravan Month, huge people gathering in this place.