Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nilamadhaba Temple - Nilamadhav Temple - Kantilo - Nayagarh - Odisha

Nilamadhaba Temple:


Sri Sri Nilamadhava Jew is the presiding deity of Kantilo, Standing elegantly on the banks of the Mahanadi on top of the twin hills with a surrounding of green forests. Lord Nilamadhaba occupies a prominent position in the cult of Lord Jagannath and in Odisha. 


A permanent flow of holy water from the feet of Lord Nilamadhaba to downwards. Lord Siddheswar Temple is also the highlights of the place. Kantilo has the most popular picnic spots in Odisha and is 100 kms away from the capital Bhubaneswar and 33 kms from Nayagarh Town. 


Maghasaptami celebrated here in grand scale. Manufacturing of Brass and bellmetal utensils are famous here. All over the year thousands of people came here to take blessing of Lord Nilamadhaba. Here also Mahaprasad available just like Puri Jagannath Temple, but taste and preparation is different than Puri Temple.