Sunday, October 16, 2016

Maa Hingula Temple - Gopalprasad - Talcher - Anugul - Odisha - Shakti Shrines

Maa Hingula Temple:


Maa Hingula or Goddess Hingula is worshipped with great devotion by the people of the gopalprasad and surrounding areas. 

It is located at a distance of 14 K.M. from Talcher. Goddess Hingula is believed to be the agni ( fire) in the kitchen of Lord Jagannath at Puri.  

Hingula Yatra is observed here for nine days during the month of Chaitra. A lok mohotsav is organized here for a week long period on the occasion of the yatra when tens of thousands of people visit the place. 

The holy place (peetha) of the Goddess Hingula is situated on the bank of the river Simhada in the West of Talcher.  

As per legend, The fifty two portion of body of Sati which were chopped off by Sudarsan Chakra fell at 52 places and all became sacred spots. 

Out of his Satis Brahma randhra (Source of energy) fell at Hingula. So from that day here Maa Hingula worshipped. 

The Goddess of Talcher mother Hingula is the centre of devotion for the people of Angul, Athamallik, Hindol, Dhenkanal, Pallahara & Deogarh, etc. This being a primitive Sakti Peeth, special worships are being offered during both the autumn and the spring. However, the worship during the spring assumes, greater importance and it is a more festive occasion.