Monday, October 17, 2016

Budhi Thakurani Temple - Anugul Town - Odisha

Budhi Thakurani Temple:


The temple of Budhi Thakurani is situated in one side Sunasagad hill which is in the middle place of the Angul town, other side Famous Jagannath Temple of Anugul. The idol of the Goddess is made in Black Granite stone and looks like a pillar. It is the symbol of Budha Budhi worship system of tribal culture. The Kandha ruler placed this Budhi Thakurani and worshipped as his Esta Devi and in due course this place was full of deeply forest. In the year 1848 the Angul district was came to under control of British Empire and in the year 1896 they shifted their headquarter from Purnagada to Nuagada and planned the Angul town. They constructed road for convenience of the people. So it was required to clean the forest and at that time the hill came to their notice and they found that one pillar type of Goddess was there inside the deep forest. Then the era was cleaned and from that day the Goddess was worshipped as the Adhistatri Devi of this area and called as Budhi Thakurani. 

In the year 1956 one saint came to Angul and visited the Sakti Pitha and became fascinated to see the Idol of Goddess. Curiosity was aroused in his mind to know what is inside of the Idol. Then he tried to dig the back side of the Idol to find some thing. But he could not get any thing and returned away. In due course the holes had been filled and a Lions statue was placed there. Now this Budhi Thakurani is renowned in the town as well as in the district. Daily thousands of people visited the place and Budhi Thakurani is placed in every persons heart of this district as Easta Devi/ Grama Devi. The presiding deity of Angul  is Goddess Budhithakurani . Angul has earned celebrity as a Sakta Centre since 8th Century A.D. with the rise of the Sulkies on its soil. Goddess Budhithakurani is worshiped in the form of a stone icon covered  with  vermillion.