Saturday, October 15, 2016

Anantashayana Vishnu - Aishynaneswar Shiv temple - Saranga - Talcher - Dhenkanal - Odisha

Anantashayana Vishnu:


Anantashayi Vishnu, also known as Anantashayana Vishnu, is a large open air rock relief of the Hindu god Vishnu, carved during the early 9th Century in the Saranga village, under the Parjang police station, in Dhenkanal district of Orissa, India. 

It is located on the left bank of the Brahmani River. It is the largest such exposed rock cut structure in the horizontal position measuring 51 ft in length, in the whole of India. It is situated 67 Km. from Dhenkanal, 23 Km. from Angul and 3 Km. From Talcher.  

The image is carved out of natural rock of sandstone formation. He has four arms, holding a Chakra in the upper right hand, a Shankha in his upper left hand, a Gada and a symbolic lotus on its lower left hand. The hoods of the serpent Shesha (Ananta) covering the head of Vishnu. 

The Vishnu image has a sharp chin, distinctive nose and wears a crown on its head, called kiritamukuta (a tall conical crown, typically worn by Vishnu). A lotus design shown sprouting from his navel has the creator god Brahma, sitting in meditation. There is also a Shiva Temple called Issaneswar Shiva Temple, which is another attraction of this place.