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Maa Bhairabi Temple - Puruna Katak - Boudh District - Odisha

Maa Bhairabi Temple:

Maa Bhairabi

Maa Bhairabi Temple, the presiding deity of boudh district, is situated in Puruna Katak, 30kms from boudh town. In the heart of ancient Utkal was the famous Tantra Pitha, which is situated at Puruna Katak in Boudh District, known as "Devi Bhairabi Pitha". Devi Bhairabi is the presiding deity of the Royal Dynasty. But much before the Bhariabi Pitha became famous as Isthadevi Pitha, the shrine of Goddess Bhairavi was famous in entire Utkala as a Tantrapitha.

Maa Bharabi Temple
 As per the Madalapanji- "Navischa Utkal Desa - Bhairabi Kshetra Muchyate". The famous shrine of Goddess Maa Bhairabi Siddha Tantra Pitha at Puruna Katak is almost closer to all devotees for Goddess of mercy. All nitis of Maa Bhairabi is strictly followed and observed as per the guidelines of Madala Pothi. In which form Goddess Bhairavi is worshiped here, it cannot be found anywhere in the process of nitis. So it is a different tantra pitha than others. From ancient ages Maa Bhairabi is worshipped at Puruna Katak under the dense bamboo and mango forest. 

Entrance Gate of Maa Bhairabi Temple
 She is the presiding deity or Istadevi of Boudh. It is an integrated place of Mantra, Yantra and Tantra. Who ever visits to this place once, he feels the eternal importance of Goddess Bhairavi. Many scholars, philosophers and tantrikas have attained the enlightement of divine power of Goddess Bhairavi. It is only 30 kms away from Boudh town, 42 kms from Phulbani and 199kms from Bhubaneswar. Maa Bhairavi is situated just on the N.H.224 of Khurda-Bolangir National HighWay. Sati committed suicide in the Yagyankunda as she couldnot tolerate the insult wordings spoken by her father Dakhya Prajapati against her husband Shiva. Shiva carried the half burnt dead body of Sati and moved here and there. Lord Vishnu applied Sudarshan Chakra to cut into pieces the body of Sati. 

Navi Mandal of Sati fell in the forest and flowed in the spring water. The Navi kamal settled on the foot of the mountain, in the Padma Narasingha thorny forest. Lord Shiva kept this Navi kamal of Devi Sati in his heart and started Tandaba Dance and at last, he was fully attracted and satisfied to this Padma Narasingha thorny forest and set up the Navi kamal in this Puruna Katak place, and proceeded to North. The different parts of Body of Sati fell in 108 places of India and these places are named by different names as Shakti Pithas. The Navi Kamal of Sati settled in Padma Narasingha thorny forest and named as Devi Bhairabi. During Dushhera Saradiya Puja, great festival was organised. 

Still now it is a great festival day for Maa Devi Bhairavi. When non-Brhamin Kshatriya Raja Mrutunjaya Bhanja was the ruler of Boudh, at that time steps were taken to keep Devi Bhairavi in a thatched house but it was a wonder that before completion of the cottage it was burnt by fire. Later on this proposal for construction of thatched house or cottage for Maa Devi Bhairavi was abandoned by King Mrutunjaya Bhanja. Again new priests (sevaka) for the Upasana of Maa Devi Bhairavi were engaged. Within few days they expired. Then none dared to come to worship. Ramakrushnadev became the King of Boudh and devoted himself for religious works. After him Raja Gangadhar Dev ascended the throne of Boudh. He excavated the new tank named Chandrapur Sagar and also many village tanks. The King of Boudh Chandrasekhar Dev placed order to Paramananda Mishra of Palasa village to go to Puruna Cuttack for the seva of Maa Devi Bhairavi and also alloted 27 villages as jagir. 

The priest Paramananada Purohit proceeded with his wife and two infant sons and at Puruna Katak third son was born. The eldest son Bhagaban Purohit was granted Rajingi village, middle Basudev Purohit, Puruna Katak and the youngest son Jagamohan Purohit the Salakata village. King Pitamber Dev engaged Pradyumna Dehuri for the worship of Maa Devi Bhairavi as an assistant Sevak of Paramananda Purohit . On special occasion of festivals, Purohit was engaged for worship of Maa Devi Bhairavi and Dehuri was engaged for daily Nitis and Sevas of Shakti Pitha of Maa Devi Bhairavi. During Saradiya Sodasa Puja and other festivals, purohit attained the seva puja. Till 1965 Devi Bhairavi was worshipped in a cottage. Then Sitaram Agarwal and Nandulal Agarwal constructed a new temple with the blessings of Maa Devi Bhairavi in 1969, alongwith other rooms for Bhoga kitchen and rest house for other Sevakas. During Saradiya Sodasa Parva Puja Boudh, King engaged 16 village heads called Gauntias to perform one each beginning from Aswina Krushna Mulastami. These Gauntias belongs to village (1) Puruna Cuttack (2) Salakata (3) Jiakata (4) Kamalpur (5) Ranji (6) Gurudi palli (7) Ratnapur (8) Saradhapur (9) Phulajhari (10) Balanda (11) Indrapur (12) Pitambarpur (13) Jajpur (14) Chamarpur (15) Bhabanipur (16) Chhatrapur / Udayapur. Still now the villagers of the 16 villages provide all puja materials for Maa Devi Bhairavi for Saradiya Sodasa Puja. In the shadow of bamboo and mango trees Devi Bhairavi temple is a nice and peaceful place for all devotees. Devotees dedicate animals for sacrifice during the main festival on Mahastami. Sahada tree is dezzled with vermillion (Sindura). The animals meant for sacrifice are kept here. Under the tall banyan tree Pithasena Devis are worshipped. They are gate keepers of Maa Devi Bhairavi i.e. Dwarapala, Khetrapala and Mahapala with sixtyfour yoginis. In the middle of these, Balipitheswari is seen. Animal sacrifice nitis are held here till now. After Darshana of Khetrapala and Dwarapala, one can enter into be temple of Maa Devi Bhairavi crossing five steps. Mahavir Sardula is standing in the main temple and lion faced, tiger faced gate keepers are found in the temple of Maa Devi Bhairavi. Inside the temple along Maa Devi Bhairavi following Devis are worshipped. They are - Maheswari, Khambeswari, Dakhinakali and Durgadevi with Chalanti Pratima and Bije Pratima. During Kartika Dipawali Amavasya i.e Diwali Maa is worshipped in the form of Shyamakali, during Magha Krushna Chaturdasi Maa is seen as Ugratara and during spring Chaitra month Sukla Astami to Dasami Maa Basantika puja is celebrated and the Goddess is worshipped as Bhubaneswari, Bagala and Dakhinakali in three days respectively. Maa Devi Bhairabi is seen as Kaumari during the month of Bhadrava Krushna Astami. It is the birth day puja of Maa Bhairavi. On Bhadrava Krushna Chaturdasi Maa Bhairavi is seen as Digambari, Kanyakumari, during Bhadrava Amavasya
or Saptapuri Amavasya Yogmaya Besa is seen during Bhadrab Sukla Ekadasi. It is also a nice picnic spot for its natural scenario and enchanting environment. So tourists and devotees from all over the state visit Maa Devi Bhairavi through out the year. The temple has beautiful entrance. Just opposite to the Bhairabi temple is the temple of Maheswar Mahadev. One Inspection Bunglow is in the nearby for staying.

How to Reach: 

From Boudh Town Take National Highway towards Bhubaneswar, after 30kms at Puruna Katak on Left Side you can see the entrance gate of Maa Bhairabi Temple.