Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jhadeswar Baba Temple - Deogarh - Debagarh - Odisha

Jhadeswar Temple:

Jhadeswar Baba Temple
This Ancient Temple is situated right side of Deogarh to Realmal Road, just before gohira ghati. It is 4kms from Deogarh Town. 

Entrance Gate of Jhadeswar Baba Temple
This temple is built in 18th century under the patronage of local king. It is a famous shiva temple of the region where devotees across Orissa and Chhattisgarh visit regularly to have the blessing of lord Shiva. 

Nandi at Jhadeswar Baba Temple
 The Jhadeswar temple area has important significance in the history of Deogarh. The temple attracts many tourists during festival times and special days like Shivaratri and Sharavana Month when devotees flock to get a special darshan of Lord Shiva in all his glory. 

Shiva Linga of Jhadeswar Temple
 Because of easy accessibility, it attracts a lot of visitors.