Monday, December 1, 2014

Gupteshwar Cave - Bhimandali - Bhim Dali-Bhimamandali-Pentabahal-Naktideul-Sambalpur-Odisha

Bhima Mandali:

Bhima Mandali [Place where Bhima Hide]
This is 28kms from Redhakhol (Rairakhol). It is situated near village Pentabahal. It is 5kms deep inside Pentabahal Forest.

Champali River
 The nearest known place to this is Naktideul. As per locals here Kunti residing with her Five Sons during "Agyat Bas". Here Bhima, the second brother among the Pandavas of the Mahabharat fame try to stop the water of River Champali, during that time his cloths has been washed away.

Surroundings of River Champali
 At that time Kunti comes here to give foods. Bhima Does not know that his dresses has been washed away, He only know this when Maa Kunti Comes to him.

Surroundings of Bhima Mandali
 He shy away and hidden inside a cave near by, so this place is known as Bhima Mandali, locals also called this place as Bhim Dali or Bhimandali.

Cave where Bhima Hide
 Recently Govt. of Odisha declared this as a Toursit Spot. Locals comes to this place for Picnics. The Forest surroundings and place is a ideal place for picnikers. Here a Ashram also present, and 3 Sadhu Baba Living in this place.

Forest or Jungle Road Towards Bhima Mandali

Gupteshwar Cave: 

Gupteshwar Cave at Bhima Mandali
 Gupteshwar Cave is 1km from Bhima Mandali deep inside forest. Here a Shiva Linga is worshiped inside a cave.

1st Cave in Gupteshwar Cave

2nd Cave in Gupteshwar [ Inside this cave Shiva Linga is Placed]
There are 8 chambers inside cave and cave is 1kms in long. At that last of Cave a lamp is lighting continuously.

During Shiva Ratri and Bol Bam Time Huge Crowd gathering at this place. As per locals Bhima Placed this Shiva Linga inside the Cave. A small water dropping just left side of cave called as Bhim Dhara.

Bhim Dhara

Jungle Trek Road Towards Gupteshwar Cave

How To Reach:
From Redhakhol take National Highway towards Naktideul. Before Nakti deul when you reached Village Pentabahal (28kms from Redhakhol), in right side a forest road goes towards Bhima Mandali. Only 4 wheelers like Tractor, jeep, Bolero can go on this route. The forest road is full of adventure. There is no sign board, so you must ask some local people about the road. Then after going deep inside 5 kms you can reach Bhima Mandali. To reach Gupteshwar Cave you have to trek 1km deep inside forest.