Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ramchandi Temple - Chandi Mandir - Rampur- Brajarajnagar-Jharsuguda-Orissa

Ramchandi Temple:

From the remote past Devi Ramchandi is being worshiped as the reigning deity of Rampur region.  The Shrine is famous not only on the Rampur area but throughout the western Orissa.

Many pilgrims and devotees come to the Rampur cave from far and near to visit and worship the goddess Ramchandi.

This is very holy place. A recognition of Brajrajnagar. The idol of Mata Chandi is inside a cave on the just bank of Ib River at the South-east corner of Brajrajnagar.

Every year grand fair and festival is celebrated during both CHAITRA NAVRATRA AND ASHWIN NAVARATRA.

It is located about 30 km from Jharsuguda Railway Station at Brajarajnagar. One can get down to the temple by the iron stairs. And from the temple one can have a beautiful view of the natural surroundings of the banks of the river Ib. It is a very nice picnic spot.

The water of river IB usually touches this shrine. In Monsoon season this shrines gets immersed under the river. In this Temple, people come to worship Goddess Chandi locally famous in the name of  “Chandi Maa” . It hardly takes ½ hour to reach this spot.

You can easily pick your two-wheeler or four wheeler and reach this spot. You can sit and relax for a while with the ambience of God.  It is a very beautiful place. 

People who love to be in peace, calm place then this place is the best choice for them. Person can come and easily spend around two to three hours.

You can also take a Ride in River with Desi Boat. Water here is 20-30ft deep. Per Person Rs.20 charged by local people who manage Desi Boat.