Monday, November 24, 2014

Rambha Devi Pitha - Rambha Temple - Rambha Cave - Rambha Waterfall - Suguda - Deogarh - Debagarh-Odisha

Rambha Devi Pitha (Temple):

Rambha Devi Pitha (Temple)

A small cave temple of Goddess Rambha Devi, near a mountain cave at Suguda which is 8 kms away from Deogarh town in Deogarh – Chheplipali road side.

Rambha Waterfall
 Every year during the month of Jyestha a big fair is held here with the congregation of 25,000 to 30,000 visitors. The Place is deep inside forest.

Surroundings of Devi Pitha
 No proper approach road is not made till now. Just near the Devi Pitha, a small waterfall also present named "Rambha Waterfall".

Rambha Rock Cave and Replica of Goddess
 The waterfall actually a spring flowing from middle of two hill. The surrounding area of this waterfall and Pitha is just awesome.

Surroundings of Rambha Waterfall
 This is a Ideal Picnic Space for Local and Nearby People. All year The Cave Temple is remain closed and only a Stone Replica of Goddess worshipped outside of Cave.

Another View of Rambha Waterfall

When the Devi's Fair happened at that time for 1 day only door of Cave open and The Priest (Local Language called as Dehuri) goes inside the cave and worship the Goddess. A must go place for all nature lovers.

Whole Surrounding of Rambha Devi Pitha
How to Reach: From Deogarh Town you have to take Chheplipali Road. After 8 kms you will reach Suguda Village. Then From Suguda Village you have to take road towards GunduriPasi. Just on that road after you will cross 500mt, you will cross a bridge on Gohira River. After the bridge you will see a unpaved village road on right side. take that road. on that road you will again see another village road on left side. take that road , that road end at Rambha Devi Pitha. You can ask any local people in suguda about the route.

Forest Trek Road Goes Towards Rambha Devi Pitha and Waterfall