Saturday, December 14, 2013

Varahi Temple - Chaurasi - Puri - Odisha

Devi Varahi Temple:

Devi Varahi Temple is located on the bank of the Prachi River. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Varahi.

This temple made in the year 10th Century A.D. The main shrine or the deul raising to a height of 25feet and it is made of Khakhara order of temples.

The walls are embellished with figures of divinities, decorative motifs and other secular themes.

Though the temple of the saptamatrika and chamunda are very common in orissa, Independent shrine of Varahi is extremely rare.

This Temple is Situated in Chaurasi. The temple is east facing and built with Sand stone.

Spreading over about 2 acres of land, this shrine is Sakta and the presiding deity of the temple is Goddess Varahi, locally called as Matsya Varahi.

She sits in lalitasana on a cushion placed on a plain platform with her right foot resting on the buffalo mount carved on the pedestal.

Here Barahi is worshiped in accordance with the tantric rituals. Goddess Varahi is offered fish everyday.

Chaurasi is situated between Nimapada-Kakatpur road and is at a distance of 30 kilometers from Konark and 14 kilometers from Kakatpur village with easy transport available from Puri and Konark.