Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pir Jahania Beach - Astaranga - Puri - Odisha - Astaranga Beach

Pir Jahania Beach (Astaranga Beach):

It is a beautiful beach located in Astaranga. Famous shrine of Pir Jahania just near the beach. Both Hindu and Muslims comes to this for taking blessings of Pir Jahania. This beach is a local attraction for picnikers. A lot of sheds developed by Govt for picnickers. Few handicraft items sold here. This is a very calm beach. It is situated 80kms from Cuttack, 35kms from Konark, 65kms from Bhubaneswar and 91kms from Puri. It lies in the coast of bay of bengal. It is famous for the lovely and long sandy beach. It attracts lots of visitor to enjoy the natural scenery of the beach. The Sunset site of Pir Jahania beach is incredible for tourists. Here visitors can have an panaromic view of the horizon which becomes uncommonly colorful during sunset, justifying its name as 'colorful sunset'.

Astaranga is also a famous fishing center of puri. The small market sits here on the beach where the fishermen sell out their catches to the waiting vendors. The crowd in the early morning consisting of the boatmen returning with their nets from the sea and the intending buyers give a perfect picture of man's co-existence with nature.

The best time to visit Astaranga beach is during October to June. It is well connected and easily accessible by motorable roads.