Saturday, December 14, 2013

Maa Mangala Temple - Kakatpur - Puri - Odisha

Maa Mangala Temple (Kakatpur Mangala Temple):

The Kakatpur Maa Mangala Temple is dedicated to Goddess Mangala a manifestation of the Mother Goddess Durga.

The Temple is located in the town of Kakatpur in the Puri District of Odisha (Orissa), India. The temple is built in typical Kalinga style and is a major pilgrimage for devotees of Shakti cult.

Evolution of the name of the deity as 'Kakatpur Mangala' hails from a legend believed by the locals of Kakatpur village.

Goddess Managla kept herself hidden under the deep water of river Prachi. Once, a boatman was sailing his boat across the river.

At that time the river was outpouring and flooded so he was unable to sail his boat to the middle of the river. He spent whole day and night but was not able to sail his boat.

In the early morning, before the dawn, Goddess Mangala came in his dream and asked him to recover her from the water and establish her in the nearby Mangalapur village.

The boatman dived into the water and was able to find the deity from the bed of the river. Then as per the direction of the Goddess he established the figure of the deity in a temple in Mangalapur village.

After this the boatman saw that a black crow dived into the water and did not come out of the water for hours and days, the crow detained inside the water of river Prachi exactly in the same place from where he recovered the figure of Goddess Mangala.

In local oriya language 'Crow' means 'Kaka' and 'Detained' means 'Atka'. So by combining the two words it becomes 'Kaka-Atka', so during the course of time the Mangalapur village is known as 'Kakata' (Kaka-Atka) pur and the Goddess is known as Kakatpur Mangala.

Every nabakalebara, when the Idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are replaced during the Nabakalevara rite, Priests (Daitapati) of the temple in Puri pray to Maa Mangala in the Kakatpur temple to give them divine guidance.

The goddess appears in their dreams and reveals the location of the three divine Daru Bramha trees from which idols of the deities are made.

Kakatpur is a small village in Puri District and is situated at a distance of 50 kms from Puri, on the Puri-Astaranga road. Situated on the bank of river Prachi, this temple is famous for Goddess Mangala.

Goddess Mangala is the presiding deity of Kakatpur and is worshipped in this temple. The most popular festival of Goddess Mangala is 'Jhamu Yatra'. It occurs on the first Tuesday of the Secred month Vaisakh (April 14 to May 15) every year.

On that occasion devotees collect sacred water from river Prachi and pray the deity to get her blessings, then with the earthen pot , filled with sacred water, on their soldier, they are able to walk on the surface of burning fire spread on a long channel on bare feet.

Due to their faith on Goddess Mangala and their Mother's blessing on them, the devotess are unhurt and uninjured while perferming such a risky custom. Every year thousands of devotees come to Kakatpur to celebrate the Jhamu festival.