Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kapilash Temple - Dhenkanal - Odisha - Lord Chandrasekhar

Kapilash Temple (Lord Chandrasekhar Temple):

The  peak of Kapilas At an altitude of 2,150 ft, otherwise known as Kailash of Odisha enchrines the Temple of Lord Chandra Sekhar at a height of 457 mts. which is a legendary abode of Lord Siva.

One can climb 1352 steps or can drive up through the “Twelve twisting way” to have a Darshan.

Maha Sivaratri is the greatest festival at Kapilas.

The Temple of Narayan, Biswanath, Bhubaneswari & many maths can be worth visiting. Desides that, Kendupania cave, Debasava & the cementry of Sridhar Swami are also attractive spots.

Mahima Gosain the founder of Mahima Dharma is historically associated with the place. Deer Park, Science Park also add to the attraction to the place. The getaway is located atop an undulating lush green hillock close to the headquarters of Dhenkanal district, also called Dhenkanal.

The region was once part of the ancient capital of Keshari kingdom and known as Chowduar. Surrounded on all sides by the Eastern Ghats, Kapilash is quite picturesque.

There is an abundance of sal, segun, kendu, jarul and mohua apart from many other plants. The fauna consists mainly of monkeys, jungle cats, peacocks and squirrels.

The dense forests and the presence of wild animals draws many nature-lovers to this area. Some distance away is a ridge on which stands the relics of a ruined fort and a few ancient caves.

The abode of Shiva comes alive during the most important festival of the region, Shivratri. Thousands of pilgrims gather here from various parts of the state. Some come from as far off as Cuttack. Devotees carry the water of the Mahanadi in earthen vessels on their shoulders. They trek barefoot to the hilltop before pouring the water on the Shivling.

The fair held to celebrate the occasion continues for three days. The deer park was the solitary attraction of the foothills till a science park was built adjacent to it. For children, the two parks remain the top draw of Kapilash.