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Places to Visit in Rourkela - Odisha

Hanuman Vatika:

Hanuman Vatika is an important landmark in the city. It has a 75 feet tall statue of Hanuman. It was was constructed by Sri. Laxman Swami of Hyderabad. There are also several other temples in this premises which made this place more beautiful and devotional like Maa Bat Mangala Temple, Ganesh Temple, Vaishno Devi Temple, Sai Baba Temple, 12 Jyotirling Temple, Jagannath Temple, Laxmi Temple, Ram Laxman Sita Temple, Santoshi Maa Temple, Sarala Temple, Vimala Temple, Radha Krishna Temple, Parvati Temple, Somnath Temple. It is  spread on the Thirteen Acres of land. Every Day a lot of devotees from Rourkela and outside visit this place. The Vatika is full of garden which makes the whole complex calm and relaxed. The Gate of the temple is beautifully decorated with statues who watch the temple. The greenery is the scenery of this complex. There are a lot of shops have coming up selling the puja materials, prasad and all kind of snacks. The beautiful atmosphere relaxed the mind and the temple atmosphere bring peace to the tired minds. The temple complex has become a national point of tourism and is must seen in Orissa.


Indira Gandhi Park is located about 2kms from the city center in sector 4 on the main ring road, is the largest park in Orissa. Sprawl over an area of 42 acres of land. The big park is well maintained. Besides, garden, large space for picnic etc., there is mini zoo, boating and a toy train facilities. The facility is enjoyed by the people very much especially kids. It is full of crowd on Sunday and other holiday. The mini zoo is much alluring. There are crocodile found in the zoo to be worthy seen. Two black bear is also is much attractive to be seen. Deer of different colour about more then thirty in numbers are very nice to look at. Different types of birds, peacock hen are of great satisfaction to the visitors. Special types of flowers of different in the garden are impressive to the visitors. Green grass lawn is the specialty of the Indra Gandhi Park to be enjoyed with family and friends. The Doll Museum is very good to be seen and most enjoyable to the children. The fountain garden is much attractive. The lush green hedge, an attractive grass meadow and the garden full of seasonal flowers are distinct feature of this Indra Gandhi Park. It is a unforgettable place to be visited again. water spray system arrangement is very nice and colourful to enjoy in the evening time. Its green grass lawn are the specialty of the Indra Gandhi Park to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Vaishno Devi Temple:

It is situated on the top of the small hill with a beautiful environment of green tree and fresh air through the day. It is also visible from the Railway Station. Proper stairs were made and water tanks were arranged for drinking water. Her blessing to the man kind is great. The puja materials are always available in the temple premises. The devotee feel as it in heaven. The cold wind is very much refreshing which attracts the visitors. The blessing of Maa Vaishnu Devi is very great and the devotee gets all satisfaction. As like as Jammu, Vaishnodevi Temple here also Bhairabanath Temple situated near Vaishodevi Temple on the Hill. Due to it’s location with a cave where the Vashnodevi Shrine located, this place attracts many devotees to visit the place.

Gayatri Temple:

It is situated on the foot hills of Durgapur Hill range at Sector – 2. This place is well connected with road transport from Rourkela Main Bus Stand and Railway station. One can visit this place from Indira Gandhi park chowk of ring road. The temple is around 50 meter distance from the said chowk. Situated in a lush green and scenic environment on the foothill. One can came here for mediation and mental peace other than religious activity.


This is place where the great sage Vyashadeva wrote the great epic Mahabharat. It is situated 13 km away from Rourkela Railway Station. The place is situated in the side of confluence of three rivers Sankha, Koel and underground Saraswati stream with the creation of Brahmani River. A cave that existed in the riverbank hill which still exists called as Vyasha cave. It is believed the sage Vyasha Deva was living in the said cave and wrote the great epic Mahabharat. Due to soil erosion the said cave is now closed. It also believed that an underground tunnel was there between the river and cave by which the sage used to worship the god without the knowledge of general public. The place Vedavyas is also having number of temples dedicated to different gods like Chandaneswar Temple, Ram Laxman Sita Temple, Hanuman Temple, Jagannath Temple etc.. This place has also importance particularly at the time of Sivaratri. During the said time a big festival is organized here in which lakhs of visitors visit this place. This festival called Sivaratri Mela attracts number of visitors and devotees from neighboring districts as well as neighboring state of Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh. and also During Kartik Purnima a lot of devotees come to here. This is also a ideal picnic spot for local people. The peace, calm and beautiful scenery attracts a lot of people to everyday.

Sai Baba Temple:

Sai Baba Temple is situated 10kms from Rourkela. It is situated on National Highway. This is a very beautiful temple made on year 2007. Every day hundreds of devotees come to this place to take part in various Arati of Sai baba. The temple has been built in such away that devotees passing by in trains can have a glimpse and darshan of Baba in this temple. In Guru Purnima, thousand of devotees came here and take blessings of Sai baba. If you ever came to Rourkela, then must visit this place.

Bhagwati Temple:

It is situated near Chhend Housing Colony and SOS children village and near Ring Road. It is described in the Puran that the great sage Parasar has established its Ashram here, where now the Bhagwati temple is situated. The small hill is surrounded by different types of flowers tree and othetr big trees with very good clean environment which gives an impression of heaven. Daily Yagnya was conducted with pure ghee and Chandi Paath was daily routine. Maa Bhagwati was worshipped daily by the great sage of devotees. A tunnel was constructed in that time and is still seen from outside. It is told that the length of the tunnel was from Ashram to Vedvyas Shiv Temple.

Tara Tarini Temple:

This temple is situated in Sector-6 Hill side. This place is a ideal place for calm, patience and nature's beauty. In Mahastami a huge no of devotees come to this place and take part in Maa's Aarati. This place is getting popular in picnikers.

Laxmi Narayan Temple:

This is a very beautiful temple situated in Sector-14 hill top. The temple is very beautiful in construction and established in the year 1966. The temple complex is situated in a green and clean environment. In evening time, a lot of local devotees come to here and take part in Aarati.

Tarkera Dam:


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Ghogar Dham - Ghogareswar Mahadeb - Ghoghar Shiva Temple - Rourkela - Kansbahal - Rajgangpur - Sundergarh - Odisha

Ghogar Shiva Temple:

Ghogar Dham is a very famous Shiva Temple.  This temple is on bank of River Ghogar . There is a gorge on River Ghogar. 

It is about 30 km from Rourkela town i.e from Panposh Chowk. The beautiful gorge with its lush green scenic environment with full of green trees this place is also used for picnic during winter season and attracts number of visitor throughout the year. There is a naturally formed Siva Linga of Black granite at the side.

This temple is established by King of Raghunath Sekhar Deo. This shiva temple is also known as Ghogar Dham or Sri Ghogareswar Mahadeb.

There are facility of community lunch and lodging facility for outstation devotees at this place. During the month of Shravan(July / August) lakhs of devotees visited this place pouring water on Shiva Linga from various parts of district of Sundargarh as well as neighboring state of Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh. Other then this during Kartika Purnima in the month of November and Shivaratri February / March thousands of devotees visited this place.