Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sukha Mahadev Temple - Sarabahal - Balishankara - Subdega - Rourkela - Sundargarh

Sukha Mahadev Temple:

This temple is one of the best modern temples I ever came across. Temple’s architecture is refresh and very beautiful.

This temple is looks likes chariot. There are 18 Chakras on which temple is standing.


On each corner of temple a god is present. In each side of temple, a god is present.


The temple architecture is also very beautiful from inside.




In the East side of Temple, Two Ox statue present in entrance of temple.

In west side of temple, Two Peacock statue present in entrance of temple. In North side of temple, Two Lion statue present in entrance of temple. 

In south side of temple, two elephant statue present in entrance of temple. 

The main shivlinga is discovering from a rock. It is a self made shivlinga. Inside the Shivlinga area (Garbha Griha), Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Parvati statue also present. A copper made Big Snake is surrounded the main shivlinga. In shivratri a lot of people came to this place and also in Shavana Month. 

A small but beautiful Krishna Temple is also made, just left side of Sukha Mahadev Temple.

A lot of small small gods statue also made with Chakras with the Chariot Design, which makes the temple more attractive.


A lot of other god and goddess statue made surrounding the temple, which makes this temple more exciting.

This temple is placed in Sarabahal Village of Balishankara Gram Panchayat in Sundergarh District. The name sukha mahadev comes due to the water shortage in this area and underground water level which is approximately below 800ft. This temple is placed in a semi rock plateau area. Surrounding temple, a few village house also present, where temple manager (Pujari) is living with his family. Inside their house also a lot of wall painting made, which will definitely attracts a lot of people.


This temple is till now not very famous, but it is definitely a worth visit. It is 132kms from Rourkela. Just in front of temple, a small hill present, where a small temple is under construction for Maa Tarini. That is also a place to visit. You can go for picnic to this place. In Tarini Temple, a small temple for Lord Shiva is also present. Very beautiful place and good place for outing and hangouts.

How to Reach:

Take National Highway from Rourkela, towards Vedvyas. After reaching Vedvyas, take state highway towards Sundergarh. After Badgaon Chhawk, crossing 21kms, another Chawwk present named Karamdihi Chhawk. Take right turn on the state highway towards Kunkuri, Chhattisgarh. After 24 kms, Subdega named small village came. Then after 6 kms, road is divided in two, one is going towards Talsara and another is going towards Kunkuri. Take Kunkuri towards state highway road. After 5 kms, a small village came named Sarabahal. At Sarabahal Chhawk, take left turn. After 500m, you can see this beautiful temple.