Monday, March 11, 2013

Mirigikhoj Waterfall - Sundergarh District- 114kms from Rourkela - K Bolang - Roxy - Kalta

Mirigikhoj is a very beautiful waterfall. It is 114kms from Rourkela. The waterfall is just besides the Kalta Iron Mines. You can see the real waterfall force and its beauty from August- November month. It is also a picnic spot for local area people. The Waterfall is nearly 100ft high and it is in various steps.

The whole bed of waterfall is full of iron ores stones. This place is still unexplored and a lot of people do not know whereabouts this waterfall. The road connect to mirigikhoj is under construction and a lot of potholes in the road.

 Only in Sunday you can see less no of vehicles in this road, otherwise nearly 10000-15000 vehicles goes on this road on every day.

This waterfall is also known as Toda Naal or Mirgikhoj, Mirigtolah, Miriglotah. The water flowing in this waterfall is chilly as it is surrounded by hills from all sides with big trees.

How to reach:

From Rourkela take National Highway and reach Rajamunda. On Rajamunda take National Highway towards Lahunipada. On Lahunipada take National highway towards K Bolang. You should go ahead on the same road goes towards Roxy (Rakshi).

 Then a train line will comes on the road. Cross the train line, then for 5kms road is very good. You should move ahead on same road. Then you will reach Chuna Ghati. On the top of Chuna Ghati you can see temple of Goddess Ban Devi.

The waterfall is just 8kms from that place. You should move ahead on same road. Then you will reach Jamdihi village. The waterfall is 2 ½ kms from Jamdihi village. On the same road you will reach Toda Chawk, and then a bridge will comes.

  Do not cross that bridge, a local road is right side the bridge, Take that, the waterfall is just 100m from that bridge. Even you can see the waterfall sounds from that bridge.