Monday, March 25, 2013

Champajharan - Bluestone - Deodhar - Birtola - Darjing Picnic Area Near Rourkela

A very beautiful place. Nature at its best I can say. The both side of champajharan is high hill and surrounded by high trees, the sunlight hardly comes to the soil.

This place is a charming one, currently a very popular picnic spot. A small but beautiful Bandevi Temple is also here.


A small stream from near hills flows through this area, knows as Champa Jhar , from this stream , this place name came.


This place is 30kms from Rourkela.

This place is paradise for nature lover. This place is also known as Barghat.

A small stream flow this area. This place is on the National Highway, surrounded with trees, hills.


The stones in the streams are Deep Blue in color, that why this place name is Bluestone.


 This place is ideal for picnic. This place is 36kms from Rourkela.


Nature, beauty and scene, if you want to see all these 3 things at a same place, then this place is ideal for you.


This is on the bank of River Brahmani. This is a gorge on River Brahmani. Swimming is strictly prohibited in this area as water undercurrent is very high.


So whenever you go to this place for PICNIC /OUTING keep in mind not to go in deep water.


The whole place is surrounded by forest, big trees. This place is calm and full of peace.


The natural scenery of this area cannot be described, only you can understand by coming to this area.


This is a very popular picnic spot. This place is 41kms from Rourkela.


This place is near bank of River Brahmani. A very beautiful Shiva Temple situated here, named Bireswar Temple.


This place is very good for picnic and outing. This place is full of stones, which makes this area more beautiful.


The whole area is surrounded by high trees. The next side of River Brahmani is a high hill, which adds more beauty to this place. This place is 44kms from Rourkela.


 Darjing is a very famous picnic spots on the bank of River Brahmani. This place is full of high trees and sands and stones.


This place is ideal for bathing, outing and fishing. This is such a beautiful place where you will see a lot of rocks inside the river.


River is quite wide and was in full flow during Monsoons. The river belt and the natural environment surrounding the rivers are exquisitely beautiful. This place is 45kms from Rourkela.