Monday, January 28, 2013

Pahadi Baba Temple - Rani Sati Mandir - Kneeling Hanuman - Birmitrapur - Rourkela - Sundergarh

Pahadi Baba Temple:

A Pahadi Baba Temple is a Shiv Temple on a hill top of Small hill just inside birmitrapur. An approach road connect to temple, you can go to temple by walking or through a 2 wheeler.

In temple premises, Kali Temple, Bharat Mata Temple, Ganesh Temple, Laxmi Temple, Ram Temple, Trinath Temple, Sherawali Temple also placed.

 The main Shiv Ling is inside a small cave in temple premises. The hill top view is very panoramic. The whole temple is in white colour. This temple is built by a local saint who lives hear very long ago.

He worships a shiv ling here, after his death local people made a temple on this place and named the temple on his name.

This place is very calm and beautiful. This is also a picnic spot but not very popular. You should visit this place.

Rani Sati Temple:

Rani Sati Temple also known as second Jhun-Jhun Dham of India is situated at Birmitrapur, about 35kms from Rourkela. Sprawl over an area of 2 acres of land, Rani Sati Temple, constructed before 1967 was subsequently renovated in the years 1992, 2000 and 2012.

The white marvel temple structure, beautifully adorned with art works and having a golden pot at its top, gives a look of a palace. In addition to the daily rituals, on auspicious days like Bhado Amavasya or the no-moon day, special pujas are offered here. Every day meals are distributed here on payment basis (Rs.40.00).

There are two beautiful flower gardens in the temple complex and one of them is festooned with an alluring statue of Lord Shiva. Rani Sati temple remains open on all days from 5am to 12pm in the morning and from 4pm to 9pm in the evening.

 Besides Rani Sati temple, the vast premises houses Sita Ram Temple, Ganesh Temple, Hanuman Temple, and Shiva Temple. Rani Sati Temple is run by a trust, headed by Gopalji Tulsian. In evening huge crowd comes to the garden inside temple premises. This place is worth a visit.

Kneeling Hanuman:

A kneeling hanuman statue made in year 2010 inside Jagannath Temple Complex. The statue is 35 feet high.