Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lord Jangha Bada Dev Temple - Baunsen Village - Tudaloga - Kutra - Rourkela

Lord Jangha Bada Dev Temple

The Tudaloga square is near about 66 (Sixty Six) kms from Rourkela. An approach local road is connected from Tudaloga to the village Baunsen (where Lord Jangha Bada Dev Temple is situated) which at a distance of 2 km from Tudaloga square is being worshiped there in the village since a long time. Jangha Dev has been regarded as the perceptible God by the local inhabitants. A beautiful temple is constructed in the village. Every year in the month of Pausa people from different parts of the state especially from the Gond community come to take part in the festival of Baunsen.

The lower part of the body i.e. from thigh to knee of Lord Jagannath of Puri is said to have worshiped here in the temple of Jangha Bada Dev. It is also believed that the Pandavas after completing the funeral rites of Lord Krishna thrown the remnants i.e. the “Navi Brahma” into the Ocean. The forest dwellers during that time collected that lower part of the Lord and started worshiping IT. Those people worshiping the lower part of the body later identified themselves as Gonds.

During the Mughal invasion the idol of Lord Jangha Bada Deva was brought to the dense forest of Sundergarh. Since than the Lord Jangha Dev is being worshiped in Baunsen village. Besides, many more myth and stories relating to the origin of Lord Jangha Bada Dev is heard to supplement the established fact.

How to Reach:
From Rourkela, take National Highway towards Vedvyas. On Vedvyas Square take State Highway 10 towards Sambalpur and Reach Kutra, after Kutra on same State Highway reach Tudaloga Square ( 13kms from Kutra). On Tudaloga Bus stand, take left turn towards Baunsen Village. Just 100mtr on that village road, take another left turn. Then after 300 mtrs you will reach a village square, where you can see a small temple, where villagers using that small temple as Godown for their crops. Then take another left turn on that temple. After 1 kms you will reach a Small Stream Flowing (Nala) , on that Nala a small bridge (Calvert) also build, that road take you to Baunsen Village and Lord Jangha Dev Temple.