Monday, September 3, 2012

Gudguda Waterfall - Sambalpur - Rourkela - Deogarh - Kuchinda - Kusumi- A Famous Picnic Place

Gudguda Waterfall:

Gudguda waterfall is situated near Kuchinda sub-division. The waterfall around the dense forest attracts the tourists. Gudguda, one of the most beautiful Picnic Spot. Though Gudguda comes under Sambalpur District, Many people’s flock this place from neighboring towns like Deogarh , Jharsuguda , Sambalpur and even Rourkela too.
Journey to this place is very pleasant; This place is fully covered with dense forest. As soon as you are about to enter the spot, you can find many Mango and Lichi Orchards on both side of the roads. You can also hear chirping of birds, gushing sound of waterfall etc. You’ll love this place as it’s is a very peaceful place to spend your day away from your hectic and busy life. Let us tell you that before entering to the exact spot you need to cross a small water flow, which can easily be crossed if you have any four-wheeler. This Place has Seven Step -by-step waterfalls, these Waterfall have been beautifully carved themselves through the rocks. This Place is also good for Mountain Trekking. Don’t forget to carry Trekking shoes along with you whenever you plan to visit this place.
Let us mention one more thing that the water flowing in this falls is extremely chilly, one of the main reason is because waters are hardly expose on sun-rays as it is covered on all sides. This is one of the small but beautiful waterfalls of Sambalpur district, Orissa. It sprinkles out from the Gudguda mountain, as told by the local peoples. Picnickers throng to the spot during the X-mas holidays, New Year. Specially in winter season from November to February picnickers gather there to have some fun and eat out. The picturesque scenery of the dense forest and the waterfall provides solace to people. The cool atmosphere provides a toxic sensation and feeling to those who understand. The water from the waterfall is used for irrigation that provides livelihood to the people of the locality. Litchi grows during summer one of the mainstay of the area’s economy thanks to the water of the waterfall. other vegetables also grow that provides financial security to the area and its people.

How to Reach Gudguda Waterfall:

From Rourkela, take state highway towards sundargarh, in badgaon (From Rourkela 72kms) take left turn towards Bamra ( From Badgaon 17kms) and in Bamra Take left turn towards Kesai Bahal (From Bamra 17kms), from Kesai Bahal take left turn towards Pararabhudi ( From Kesaibahal 21kms). In pararabhudi take left turn towards Taiser ( From Pararabhudi 27kms). when you reach Taiser, take left turn towards Kusumi. When you reached Kusumi take right turn towards Gudguda Waterfall. Upto Gudguda Forest Road condition is excellent. From Gudguda Forest to warerfall ( 1.5kms), local road is their, but condition is good. and Local road reached up to watrefall. You also can go to Kusmi through Gurundia, but road condition is extremely poor and not recommend to any one to use that road.