Monday, August 27, 2012

Pitamahal Dam - Rourkela - Kalunga - Odisha - A Famous Picnic Place

Pitamahal Dam:

It is one of the popular picnic spot in rourkela. It is 16km far from Vedvyas.It is so nearer to Kaluga.

Pitamahal Dam has been constructed near village Balanda of Kuarmunda Tahasil in Sundargarh District at a distance of 16 km from Vedvyas. The dam has been completed in the year 1978 across river Pitamahal, a tributary of river Sankha which meet river Koel upstream of Panposh to form river Brahmani. The total length of the dam which includes the spillway and the non-overflow section of the dam on both sides of spillway is 660.20 m. The overflow section i.e. spillway length is 45.72m. Length of masonry dam which includes non-overflow section and spillway is 115.83m. Earth dam length is 498.65m. The maximum height of the dam is 25.96 m.

There are two Head Regulators on both side of Main River. The left head regulator is located in the masonry dam and non-overflow section having circular vent of 0.11m dia. The right head regulator is located in the main earth dam and the vent size is 1.22m dia. The catchment area is 104 square KM. The Inflow design flood is 501.21 cubic meter/sec.

A reservoir project with earthen and masonry dam across the Pitamahal River in Sundergarh district intercepts a catchment area of 102 km2. The project is designed to irrigate 4,261 ha of CCA which includes 2,630 ha in Kharif season and 1,631 ha in Rabi season. The gross and live storage capacity of the project are 27.68 and 24.00 Mm3 respectively.

How to reach there ?

The visitors may visit this place at any time. Just go to Kalunga Village Road and then take a right turn where a hoarding board mentioned about Pitamahal Dam.