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Nrusinghanath Temple - Bargarh - Balangir - Paikamal - Padmapur -Patanagarh-Odisha

Nrusinghanath,the great temple of Orissa in India, is situated at the foot hills of Gandhamardhan Hill (Parimalagiri).The King of Patnagarh, BAIJAL SINGH DEV,laid the foundation of this historic temple in 1313 A.D. It is only 45 feet in height,divided into two parts: the first being the seat of the Lord Nrusinghnath, the second alloted to Jagamohan(anti-chamber having 3 gates and each supported by 4 pillars).

This place was also a centre of Buddhist scriptural learning at Huen Tsang era. Lord Nrushinghanath is a much-adored deity of Orissa and a great fair is held in his honour on the 14th day of bright fortnight in the month of Vaisakha.

The Vidala-Nrusimha Temple stands amidst the verdant beauty of the picturesque Gandhamardan hills. Nrusinghanath is a popular and attractive pilgrim point. Coupled with a series of beautiful waterfalls and some sculptures, its location offers an air of serenity and visual delight, making the trip worthwhile. The present temple, located at the source of the Papaharini stream.

The site of the temple is unique. Stone steps wind up the hillside behind the temple, leading past a  waterfall, and eventually curving under the falls to a spot where some beautiful, and very well- preserved relief sculptures are found.

The climb to the carvings and return journey will take about an hour. Since shoes are not permitted on these sanctified pilgrimage steps, those with tender feet should take along a pair of heavy socks for the climb. On the opposite slope of the hill on which the temple is located, is the Harishankar Temple. Between the two temples there is a 16 km plateau, littered with Buddhist ruins that scholars feel may be the remains of the ancient university of Parimalagiri.

In temple complex you can see Chaldhar (waterfall), Bhimdhar (Waterfall), 9th and 11th Century God and Goddess Sculptures. A 16km stone step going towards Harishankar Temple, in the way you can visit Sitakunda, Panchu Pandav Caves, Kapildhar (Waterfall), Suptadhar (Waterfall), Satyaamb, Bhim Madua, Happy Point(Top Hill).

There is also a excellnt garden named Hanuman Vatika just near the temple. A small market is placed their, where you can buy toys, bangles,  some local gifts and religious items. You can take Prasad just outside of Temple Main Gate (Singha Dwara or Lion Gate).

A huge number of monkeys are inside temple complex, so beware to them for your cameras, food items, Prasads etc.. You also can get accomodation in temple complex.


You can also get Free Parasad (HARIHAR PANGAT) at 12 pm inside Temple complex. Temple remain open from 4 am to 12 pm and then 2 pm to 6 pm.

How to reach: From Balangir take road towards Padampur. Then on Padampur left turn towards Paikamal (25kms). On Paikamal take left turn towards Nrusinghanath Temple Rd (3kms).

Harishankar Temple- Balangir-Odisha-A Famous Picnic Place

Sri Sri Harishankar Devasthana in the slope of the beautiful Gandhamardhan hills, Bolangir district, Odisha, India. The place, Harishankar, is noted for the Hari Shankar temple that is unique in itself not only because of its antiquity and design with inscriptions in Porto-Oriya on the outer walls but also for being one of the rarest temples of its kind in the entire country where both Vishnu and Shiva are worshipped together. A natural spring of water appends to the beauty of Harishankar.

As a holy place along with a beautiful stream passing on the granite bed give the visitor feeling of natures peace on its opposite of side of the Gandhamardhan hills is the temple of Nrusinghanath. The plateau between the two temples is found with ancient Buddhist ruins. As a cool resort in the lap of nature, Harishankar is a panacea for the heat of the summer season. On the Northern slope of the Gandhamardan hills lies Nrusinghanath in Bargarh district. Both the places are connected by a hill top road of 16 kms., which the pilgrims cover in a day on foot during Nrusingh Chaturdasi. Harishankar is connected by an all weather good moterable road (81 Kms.).

In Harishankar Devasthana Temple Complex, you can get lunch at a cost of Rs.30 from 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm. Some other temples like Hanuman Temple, Jagannath Temple, Ram Temple also present in side temple complex. Beware of monkey in this area, as they can take all food items from you. You can get Prasad (Nadia Bhog) inside from temple complex. A beautiful stream flowing where you can take bath. This place is ideal for picnic. There is also Dharamsala inside Temple Complex. In Harishankar you also can visit a Herbal Garden where you can get more than 1000 herbal trees.

How to Reach: From Balangir Town you have to go to Patanagarh. Then from Patanagarh, You have to take Harishankar Rd.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Khandadhar Waterfall - Rourkela - Bonai - Sundargarh-Odisha-A Famous Picnic Place

Khandadhar Waterfall:

Khandadhar waterfall is located amidst the forest of Sundergarh. It lies about 104  from Rourkela via Bonaigarh which is 19 km from the waterfall. It is 19 km. (12 miles)to the south-east of Bonaigarh and can be reached by a fair-weather road (Road condition is extremely poor from Lalei Chowk to Khandadhar), the last 1.6 km. is, however, negotiable by foot.

The height of the fall is 244 mtrs. It is the highest waterfall of the state. The magnificent sight, high amidst lush green forests, makes a great picnic  spot. This waterfalls, created by a small rivulet named Korapani Nala, plummets from a height of 800 ft.

It surroundings form a perfect base for trekking and sightseeing. The best time to visit here is from October to March. Goddess Kanta is the known deity of the tribals of the this locality. It is a pleasant spot amidst thick jungles and mountains ideal for nature lovers. On reaching, a weary visitor would soon forget the strain of the arduous journey. It is a hidden treasure of nature. The scene created by the glittering waters that trickle down the magnificent waterfall can best be enjoyed from mountain top. Khandadhar is the 12th Largest water fall in India and 2nd largest water fall in Odisha. It is a perinial waterfall and the water fall height is 801 ft. It is in the Sundergarh district of Orissa. The water source is Korapani Nala and the water fall type is that of a Horsetail.

How To Reach?

From Rourkela to you have to go up to Rajamunda Chowk on National Highway 23. Then you have to take left side road up to Lahuni Pada. In Lahuni Pada you have to take right turn towards Lalei. On Lalei Chowk, you have to take left turn towards Khandadhar Waterfall.

Gudguda Waterfall - Sambalpur - Rourkela - Deogarh - Kuchinda - Kusumi- A Famous Picnic Place

Gudguda Waterfall:

Gudguda waterfall is situated near Kuchinda sub-division. The waterfall around the dense forest attracts the tourists. Gudguda, one of the most beautiful Picnic Spot. Though Gudguda comes under Sambalpur District, Many people’s flock this place from neighboring towns like Deogarh , Jharsuguda , Sambalpur and even Rourkela too.
Journey to this place is very pleasant; This place is fully covered with dense forest. As soon as you are about to enter the spot, you can find many Mango and Lichi Orchards on both side of the roads. You can also hear chirping of birds, gushing sound of waterfall etc. You’ll love this place as it’s is a very peaceful place to spend your day away from your hectic and busy life. Let us tell you that before entering to the exact spot you need to cross a small water flow, which can easily be crossed if you have any four-wheeler. This Place has Seven Step -by-step waterfalls, these Waterfall have been beautifully carved themselves through the rocks. This Place is also good for Mountain Trekking. Don’t forget to carry Trekking shoes along with you whenever you plan to visit this place.
Let us mention one more thing that the water flowing in this falls is extremely chilly, one of the main reason is because waters are hardly expose on sun-rays as it is covered on all sides. This is one of the small but beautiful waterfalls of Sambalpur district, Orissa. It sprinkles out from the Gudguda mountain, as told by the local peoples. Picnickers throng to the spot during the X-mas holidays, New Year. Specially in winter season from November to February picnickers gather there to have some fun and eat out. The picturesque scenery of the dense forest and the waterfall provides solace to people. The cool atmosphere provides a toxic sensation and feeling to those who understand. The water from the waterfall is used for irrigation that provides livelihood to the people of the locality. Litchi grows during summer one of the mainstay of the area’s economy thanks to the water of the waterfall. other vegetables also grow that provides financial security to the area and its people.

How to Reach Gudguda Waterfall:

From Rourkela, take state highway towards sundargarh, in badgaon (From Rourkela 72kms) take left turn towards Bamra ( From Badgaon 17kms) and in Bamra Take left turn towards Kesai Bahal (From Bamra 17kms), from Kesai Bahal take left turn towards Pararabhudi ( From Kesaibahal 21kms). In pararabhudi take left turn towards Taiser ( From Pararabhudi 27kms). when you reach Taiser, take left turn towards Kusumi. When you reached Kusumi take right turn towards Gudguda Waterfall. Upto Gudguda Forest Road condition is excellent. From Gudguda Forest to warerfall ( 1.5kms), local road is their, but condition is good. and Local road reached up to watrefall. You also can go to Kusmi through Gurundia, but road condition is extremely poor and not recommend to any one to use that road.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kansbahal Dam - Rourkela - Kansbahal - Odisha - A Famous Picnic Place

Kansbahal Dam:

It is roughly around 6 Km's from the entry point to L&T campus. It is build for irrigation. The place is awesome and can be an ideal weekend retreat. The dam is build on a gorge that once housed a small village, but that is history now. You can still see the branches sticking out of water. It is bulit on numerous streams, the major one being ghoghar river, which meanders its way and pours out into the Sankh river at water point. A must visit if you live nearby.

How to Reach Kansbahal Dam?

Reach Kansbahal which is about 20 kms from Rourkela on State Highway 10. Take a left turn and road will lead to L & T Residential Colony and then reach Kansbahal Railway Station. A right turn (near the Railway Cabin)before the station will lead straight to the Dam.Its hardly 5 kms from the SH-10.

Pitamahal Dam - Rourkela - Kalunga - Odisha - A Famous Picnic Place

Pitamahal Dam:

It is one of the popular picnic spot in rourkela. It is 16km far from Vedvyas.It is so nearer to Kaluga.

Pitamahal Dam has been constructed near village Balanda of Kuarmunda Tahasil in Sundargarh District at a distance of 16 km from Vedvyas. The dam has been completed in the year 1978 across river Pitamahal, a tributary of river Sankha which meet river Koel upstream of Panposh to form river Brahmani. The total length of the dam which includes the spillway and the non-overflow section of the dam on both sides of spillway is 660.20 m. The overflow section i.e. spillway length is 45.72m. Length of masonry dam which includes non-overflow section and spillway is 115.83m. Earth dam length is 498.65m. The maximum height of the dam is 25.96 m.

There are two Head Regulators on both side of Main River. The left head regulator is located in the masonry dam and non-overflow section having circular vent of 0.11m dia. The right head regulator is located in the main earth dam and the vent size is 1.22m dia. The catchment area is 104 square KM. The Inflow design flood is 501.21 cubic meter/sec.

A reservoir project with earthen and masonry dam across the Pitamahal River in Sundergarh district intercepts a catchment area of 102 km2. The project is designed to irrigate 4,261 ha of CCA which includes 2,630 ha in Kharif season and 1,631 ha in Rabi season. The gross and live storage capacity of the project are 27.68 and 24.00 Mm3 respectively.

How to reach there ?

The visitors may visit this place at any time. Just go to Kalunga Village Road and then take a right turn where a hoarding board mentioned about Pitamahal Dam.

Mandira Dam - Rourkela - Odisha- A Famous Picnic Place

Mandira Dam:

Mandira dam has been constructed by Hirakud Project Authority during 1957 – 1959 across river Sankh, a tributary of the Brahmani river at Lat. 220 16′ N & Long. 840 40′ E. The earth dam is a zoned embankment of 426.72 m length with gate-controlled spillway on right saddle. Maximum height of earth dam is 35.38 m from the deepest foundation level. The dam is exclusively meant for the purpose of storing water for supply to the Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) located about 24 km downstream in river course. A regulated supply of water of 100 cusecs is being released through an outlet sluice of size 8’ X 8’. A weir is constructed across the river Brahmani near Rourkela and water is being pumped out from the pond to plant area. The total length of its spillway is 243.14m with 11 nos. of radial gates of size 15.5 x 6.1m each.

This place is around 3 kilometer from SH – 10 junction near Laing chowk and around 35 kms from Rourkela and 19 km from Vedavyash Chowk, 6 km from Rajgangpur (Ranibandh) chowk on SH. The dam has been built at a point where the river enters a gorge flanked by hills and presents a picturesque sight.

There is one guest house for VIP visitors. It is under the Water Supply Department, Rourkela Steel Plant. A circular road connects the Guest Houses located at a considerable height with the main entrance where an officer issue permits to the visitor to enter the Dam area. As a visitor stands on the terrace of the Guest House or moves chain of Hills at a distance varying from 15km to 30 km. The cement factory at Rajgangpur is clearly visible on the left horizon, as one stands facing the reservoir. The whole environment is highly refreshing . It is a nice place for holidaying. A beautifull garden on the dam site is another attraction for the visitors. There is boating facilities in the reservoir.

How to reach there ?

The visitors may visit this place after getting necessary permission from Rourkela Steel Plant, Public Relation Office.